“Growing Sentiments in Sediment”

“Growing Sentiments in Sediment”

Project Description

Artist: Betsy Schulz

Surrounding the outdoor Reading Garden, the layers of handmade tiles, found objects, pebbles and so on, represent the sedimentary layers of the earth. Poems and quotes screened onto tiles express the theme in words. How we live on the land and use it will eventually get recycled or reinterpreted into something new. From this soil grows plants, communities, new ideas, libraries.


NOTICE:  Library Closure   and Bottom Shelf Book Store Closure

Under guidance from the California Department of Public Health and San Diego Public Health Officer the Fallbrook Library and the Bottom Shelf Book Store will be closed until further notice.

The restrictions are necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19 

For further information San Diego County website can be accessed through coronavirus-sd.com