“Historical Wall of Prints”

“Historical Wall of Prints”

Project Description

Artist:  Dixon Fish

The Historical Wall of Prints in the great room of the Fallbrook Library depicts the rich history of Fallbrook and the surrounding areas.  Inked etching plates of copper, zinc and acrylic float over horizontal acrylic and aluminum shapes that reflect our local landscape.  The images on the etching plates describe the people and events from the historical past as well as the present.  The landscape shapes are engraved with native plants and animals.



NOTICE:  Library Closure   and Bottom Shelf Book Store Closure

Under guidance from the California Department of Public Health and San Diego Public Health Officer the Fallbrook Library and the Bottom Shelf Book Store will be closed until further notice.

The restrictions are necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19 

For further information San Diego County website can be accessed through coronavirus-sd.com