“The Diaphanous Grove”

“The Diaphanous Grove”

Project Description

Artist:  Michael Stutz

The structure that separates the main library from the Community Room and Poet’s patio, incorporates the textures and shapes that define the Fallbrook region:

  • The diaphanous glow of a Redtail Hawk’s wings seen against the sun,
  • The undulating flow of the Santa Margarita River,
  • The rocky edges of our granite mountains,
  • The cut core of avocados and oranges,
  • The blending of water and fire that nourish and destroy and the constant forces of death and rebirth – woven together in our bold and fragile landscape.

The undulating bronze, stainless steel, and regular steel woven fence, patinaed and sealed with wax, is 8’ h x 30.5’w with a gate on either end.