Art Exhibits

“Off The Wall” and ”Optimism” in the Fallbrook Library

Art Exhibitions, May 20-July 5.

A plank of wood. A spool of wire. A rusty piece of metal. A wooden spoon. Are they elements of wall art and sculpture?  Certainly, they are. Assemblage art combines disparate three dimensional found objects that speak to the artists who design them into art that draws us in for a closer look. Random three-dimensional objects that are usually meaningless separately come together creating a whole new artwork that is visually interesting and exciting. The three artists and sculptor in this show stimulate our senses with their creative combinations that seem to defy gravity. 

 On the reading patio, Joseph Henseler displays his seven foot sculpture created from left over construction materials. Using glass tile, concrete, steel, plywood, resin, and more, his piece, “Optimism” seems to fly.  

Cyril Vojak calls himself a constructivist and his work, “construction art”. Creating his amazing pieces has been a journey of discovery. He believes all things have a unique energy of their own, whether alive or static. Putting them together in an art construction is a “mind puzzle” and embodies his gratitude and passion.

Since 1995, Toti O Brien has been putting together and layering solid scraps and objects that she brings to life to create the unexpected. Her pieces tell stories that are personal yet allow our interpretation. Using bone, feathers, wood, found and created objects, our curiosity is piqued and asks us to enjoy a close encounter.

Mary Lou Owen is a metal artist. Though an artist for many years, for the past five, she has devoted her work exclusively to using metals and mixing them in her designs. Tin, copper, wire, and more, her inspiration comes from nature, especially our coastal environment, to form the basis of her stylized sculptural art. Her pieces are delicate and moving.

Please join us for an artist’s reception, May 25, from 2-4. Live music, light refreshments and stimulating discussion with the artists can be enjoyed at this free event. The library is located at 124 South Mission in Fallbrook.