“Poet’s Patio Mosaic”

“Poet’s Patio Mosaic”

Project Description

“Art Of Knowledge” by Robin Vojak

The stoneware ceramic floor mural in the Poet’s Patio was inspired by the sophisticated contemporary feeling of the library architecture, art work, and sculpture.   Rusty brown and golden yellow as well as aqua greens and blues along with the natural color of the cast bronze are colors replicated in nature as well as complementary to the building and permanent artwork.

The tile used for the mural is a high-fire stoneware clay body.  It is very dense and durable.  Each piece was hand cut.  Special attention was made to the creating of the design to minimize the amount of negative space. The glaze colors are a combination of matte and gloss finishes that work well withthe slight textures found in parts of the design.

As in the case with so much of the library’s art, we are fortunate to have a gifted local artist’s work showcased.  Robin Vojak and her husband, Cy, worked as a team to bring this lovely addition to our library.  Cy did all the deconstruction and reconstruction necessary for the base of the work and Robin designed the mosaic, crafted the tiles and installed the art piece.