“The Turning Page Trellis”

“The Turning Page Trellis”

Project Description

Artist:  Christopher Pardell

The design for “Turning Page  Trellis”  was inspired by one of the most achingly beautiful lines with which everyone is familiar — that iconic line formed, when a book lays open, by the drape of a page; so sweetly evocative of everything associated with civilization and society, with both tradition and with change.  An elegant and elemental line that calls to mind the wonder and growth we find in each new chapter of our lives.

We look to literature, to books, to travel in time, to connect with our past and imagine the future. To find our place, to learn a skill, to make ourselves anew…

Libraries are the places where minds meet, where the experiences and expressions of other’s become our own.  The turn of a page holds so much promise, so much mystery… What shall we learn? Who shall we become?