“Visual Garden Fence and Gate”

“Visual Garden Fence and Gate”

Project Description

Artist:  Peter Mitten

The Visual Garden, located on the north side of the building at the corner of Mission and Alvarado, includes the Owl sculpture and the Time Capsule buried on the day of the Grand Opening, January 22, 2011.

The fence and gate for the garden needed to be a planar “field” of imagery, and the artist chose flat leaf and avocado shapes, as if one was looking through a canopy of an avocado grove.

This is a familiar sight to most people who know Fallbrook, and satisfied the structural and safety requirements for a functional barrier. The work is cut from steel, stretching slightly over 10 feet from end to end, with an (approx.) 3′ gate included.

The finish is a rust color, complementing the colors chosen for the building, and makes a lovely silhouette of space and steel shape.


NOTICE:  Library Closure   and Bottom Shelf Book Store Closure

Under guidance from the California Department of Public Health and San Diego Public Health Officer the Fallbrook Library and the Bottom Shelf Book Store will be closed until further notice.

The restrictions are necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19 

For further information San Diego County website can be accessed through coronavirus-sd.com