Friends of Fallbrook Library

“Friends of Fallbrook Library is “Dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of the Fallbrook Branch of the San Diego County Library”

Friends  was organized and incorporated in 1963 and  it is one of the largest and most active Friends groups in San Diego County.  Managed by the governing  Board of Directors, it  operates the Bottom Shelf Bookstore and provides volunteers to assist the library staff by stocking shelves and helping with children’s programs.  Friends undertakes fund raising efforts to support ongoing library programs supporting the Fallbrook community and surrounding North San Diego County residents. Friends is administered by a dedicated board of volunteers as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Friends of Fallbrook Library  Board of Directors   May 2022 – April 2023

  • President -Michael Starling
  • Ex Oficio -Tom Mintun
  • Vice President – Mary Jo Bacik
  • Secretary – Debbie Shubarth
  • Treasurer – Lynne Barker
  • Membership/Memorials – Nancy Wilson
  • Fundraising/Donations – open position
  • Bottom Shelf – Sue Billing
  • Historian/Publicity – Steve Lee
  • Website Manager – Eva Marie Vargo
  • Programs /Newsletters – Helen McHarque
  • Programs /Newletters – Nancy Javier
  • Fine Arts Committee – Carol Zaleski
  • Facilities Support – Susan Mintun
  • Director at Large – Pennie Leachman
  • Director at Large – Nancy Kreile
  • Legal Advisor -Shaun Knapp, JD
  • Librarian-Library Manager – Kris Jorgensen
  • Librarian-Regional Supervisor – Ceci Rincon
  • Librarian – Children’s – August Diehl
  • Tween Programs – Karla Ruiz LTI
  • Librarian – Teen – April Smith
  • Librarian – Adult Services  – Erica Jones
  • Librarian – Facilitis – Irma Pena