Art Exhibitions, featuring local and regional artists and a wide variety of art forms, are displayed in the Community Room of the Library.  The theme, dates and the length of each show will vary.  There is no admission charge and the Community Room is open to the public during normal business hours of the library and public community events.   Selections for each show are made by the Library’s Fine Art Committee.

Previous Exhibitions


  • Fallbrook Photography
  • Watercolors
  • Wildlife
  • Citrus Label Art
  • Fallbrook Art Association Prize Winners
  • Artful Stitches: Quilt Art for the Wall


  • Igor Koutsenko,  REaD. An Exhibit of Original Prints
  • Fallbrook Art Association Prize  Winners
  • People and Their Places.  Photography
  • Siempre Viva! Exposition of Latino Art
  • Quilt Art for the Wall


  • Master Mentors
  • Michael Maas
  • Wildlife
  • Fallbrook Art Association PrizeWinners
  • Paso Del Norte
  • Book Art


  • Fallbrook Camera Club
  • Oil Paintings of People
  • Sculpture on the Wall
  • WaterWorks (Watercolor)
  • Diversity (Latino Art)
  • Ukraine Mission


  • SoCal Pastel
  • Cities
  • Real and Created
  • Encaustic (melted wax paintings)
  • Famous Faces from the Silver Screen
  • Indigenous (Latino)
  • The Artfull Stitch III


  • 5 Years of Library Art, Anniversary Show
  • Focus Fallbrook, photography
  • San Diego Legends, Living Well and William Catling Sculpture
  • Baby Tattoo: Art & Magic and Animal Crackers Sculpture
  • Endless Line, Drawings and Yurly Acopov Mosaic sculpture
  • Madrecitas and La Luz y Sombre


  • Women Who Print and Totems Sculpture
  • Waterless, Interpretations in Cloth and Stone, Steel and Copper
  • CUBA! and Cloud Polyhedrons sculpture
  • Pat Rogondino Posters and Whimsical Inclinations sculpture
  • Paisanos and Alfonso Armbula Robles sculpture
  • Mira Costa Instructors Art and Manuelita Brown sculpture


  • Fallbrook Winners Circle and Art That Makes You Smile
  • Sancturary and Gilberto Valdez Sculpture
  • Painters Places: Landscapes Near and Far and Marsha Brook Sculpture
  • Voices: Speaking of Art and Dean Ramos Sculpture
  • Farm to Frame and Randy Doering Sculpture
  • Send Me Something New and Paula Collins Sculpture


  • Millennials
  • Life Doesn’t Frighten Me and Posts for Peace and Justice