What is a Library?

What a Library Means to Me

Our new Library is a center for knowledge, a center for enlightenment, a community gathering place and a space to delight the senses. Most of all, it is a point of pride for our whole community. This is the Library of the 21st Century.

Marlo Miller, Past President, Friends of Fallbrook Library

When we began the planning and fundraising effort for a new facility, I was surrounded by a committed, savvy and energetic group of volunteers who were not going to let anything get in the way of a new library. They represented the reading public from toddlers to elders who comprised the highest circulating library in the county. These intrepid volunteers were the fuel behind the unremitting mission of building a new library.

Jennifer Jeffries, Past President

When I moved to Fallbrook in 1999, I knew I found the place I wanted to spend the rest of my life. It was a town that had great people, great beauty, and a great spirit. What it didn’t have was a great library. Fallbrook deserved to have a library that met the standards of our community, a place that was emblematic of our values. The new Fallbrook library is our town’s centerpiece. It represents our commitment to education, reading, technology and the arts and provides a place for people to come together and exchange ideas. I’ve always been proud of Fallbrook, and now I’m proud of its library too.

Jerri Patchett, Past President

Libraries are people places. Dedicated staff, enthusiastic volunteers, the committed Friends Board and supportive customers — all these motivated me to work toward finding ways to build the new and much needed library in Fallbrook…it is one with familiar services plus exciting new features which establishes the library as a focal point for our community.

Robert Jacobson, Past President