Art Exhibit-November 2022

November 14 thru January 6

Artists Reception- November 19, 2 – 4 PM

“Midnight Visions”
on the patio

What comes to mind if you awaken at midnight? What happens when your sense of reality may be altered? Do you think of other worldly things, people you know or don’t, shadows that don’t quite sharpen? Our featured artists show us in paint or sculpture, their “Midnight Visions”.  See their out of the ordinary language of dreams.

Susan Osborn, curator for this show, is a native Californian and creates in her studio in Bonita.  She currently teaches art at the Athenaeum and has pieces in international collections.  Susan says, “my inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world, Mexican folk art, fairy tales and most importantly, dreams.”

Ted Washington, a master of many disciplines, is an artist, poet, performer and the founder of Puna Press and the performance group, Pruitt Igoe. ”‘I was hoping to draw pretty pictures but I get carried away. Dots take time away from the chaos and the art remains”.

Mick Phelan and Laura Lehman are both members of West Coast Drawing.  Mick teaches “Introduction to Realism” at Art on 30th in North Park and says “Sometimes I use things from dreams so I can work while I sleep. I try to sleep as long as I can.” Laura is a principal at Studio C Gallery and is part of “Paisanos Project”. “For me, making art is like visiting another dimension. I want to share that experience and exploration where creativity and imagination rule”.

Carlos Castrejón was born in Veracruz and works in a variety of media:  drawing, painting, sculpting, mixed media and site installation. He says ”Days come and go and my eyes look for more. The universe welcomes my curiosity”.

Luis Alderete is an architect and works in Tijuana.  His work has been published and exhibited internationally and he is the founder of the “Paisanos project. “Since the late 70’s, my art has evolved from the capture of the rural landscapes of the Baja California region”.  The glass mosaics on the patio are created by a master.

Yuriy Akopov, the director of San Diego Sculpture Guild has worked for noted artist, Niki de Sant Phalle. Born in Russia, he now is known as a Mosaic Master and when seeing his pieces, you’ll know why.  His clever sculpture, swathed in sparkling ever changing hues and textures of fine glass, move the eye and spirit upward.

Artists reception
Saturday, November 19, 2 to 4 p.m.
Meet the artists, enjoy light refreshments and live music.
This event is free and everyone is welcome.  

Michelle by Ted Washington
Keep Growing by Yuriy Akopov

Midnight Walk by Susan J. Osborn
Queen of the Night by Laura Lehma

Luna Nueva by Luis Alderete

Between Kisses a.k.a. Starburst Lovers by Mick Phelan

Por La Paz by Carlos Castrejon